Spa Pendry

Menu of Services
Serenely nestled on the 3rd floor of the Pendry Hotel above the historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, Spa Pendry is an ideal get away for a moment of reprieve or a full day. Inspired by our San Diego flora and love of the sea, our Menu of Services features healing and beautifying Massages, Facials, Body Treatments and Rituals. Visit our Add-On and Enhancement sections to tailor your experience or let us curate your perfect Spa day.

HydraFacial Services

This refreshing and immediately effective facial treatment is designed for all skin types. Unlike traditional facials, this modern treatment is performed with a device rather than by hand, allowing for deeper product penetration and longer lasting results without any discomfort or downtime. This highly customizable treatment may be tailored specifically for your skincare goals with Super Serums and Targeted Treatments in the HydraFacial Enhancement section and with many options in our other Enhancement and Add On sections.
Pendry HydraFacial 45 Minutes
Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration improve overall skin health. An efficient “glow on the go” or pre-event treatment.
Pendry HydraFacial 60 Minutes
LED Light Therapy enhances your HydraFacial treatment by promoting healing within the deepest layers of skin while you enjoy a luxurious hand and arm massage. Address everything from full-face wrinkles to mild and moderate acne.
Pendry HydraFacial 90 Minutes
Lymphatic Detoxification enhances HydraFacial and Light Therapy benefits by significantly reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, and improving the skin’s ability to purify from within. Issues are addressed before they surface, leaving the skin calm, sculpted and radiant. A replenishing facial massage and mask is followed with a decadent scalp, neck, and shoulder massage.
HydraFacial Enhancements
Brighten Super Serum Infusion
Brighten, balance and smooth skin with the minimized look of dark spots.
Firm Super Serum Infusion
Firm elasticity and even skin tone and texture with hydrating and conditioning peptides.
Regenerate Super Serum Infusion
Stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin to tone the skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and leave a soft, radiant glow.
Perk Eye Treatment
Gently exfoliate, depuff and smooth lines and wrinkles. Includes a take home serum for continued care.
Perk Lip Treatment
Gently exfoliate, plump, hydrate, and smooth fine lines. Includes a take home serum for continued care.
Neck + Décolleté Treatment
Extend the benefits of your HydraFacial to the neck and décolleté area to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin.

Facial Services

Firm + Lift
60 Minute - $225 I 90 Minute $335
Gua Sha facial massage sculpts and releases trapped fluids. Swiss apple stem cells and peptides stimulate collagen and elastin, blurring fine lines and wrinkles. 90 minutes may substitute Gua Sha with Microcurrent and Light Therapy if desired.
Pair with: Age Defying Peel, Nano Gold Gemstone + Collagen Mask
Brighten + Refine
60 Minute - $210 I 90 Minute - $315
Dull, devitalized skin is renewed with enzymes, a replenishing mask and an ice globe massage. Vitamin C and Retinol brighten and fortify. 90 minutes may include Light Therapy to stimulate new cells.
Pair with: Brightening Peel, Diamond Gemstone + Collagen Mask
Detox + Rebalance
60 Minute - $205 I 90 Minute - $305
A double sonic cleanse lifts impurities from deep within pores and charcoal clay draws out toxic buildup trapped within cells. Includes acupressure and high frequency to tighten pores and detoxify if desired. 90 minutes includes gentle facial cupping to move lymph fluid, clearing and firming the skin.
Pair with: Clarifying Peel, Black Pearl Gemstone + Collagen Mask
Hydrate + Regenerate
60 Minute - $195 I 90 Minute - $290
The reparative power of ocean botanicals are harnessed into pure, potent infusions to heal and deeply hydrate the skin, restoring a vital glow. 90 minutes includes Sonic Infusion, Light Therapy and a decadent hand and arm treatment.
Pair with: Aroma Neck + Shoulder Massage, Exfoliating Foot Treatment
Facial Enhancements
Gemstone + Collagen Mask
$30 I $60
Eyes or Lips I Full Face
Microcurrent Lift
$20 I $60
Spot Specific I Full Face (add 15 minutes)
Facial Peels
$40 I $50 I $60
Brightening I Clarifying I Age Defying
Hair Removal
$30 I $60
Lip or Chin I Brows (add 15 minutes)
Visit our Enhancements and Add On Sections for additional options.

Nail Services

Aroma Therapeutic Manicure
60 Minute - $85
Decadent aromatherapy guides each luxurious step, including an uplifting exfoliation, deeply softening foot wrap and soothing massage.
Aroma Therapeutic Pedicure
75 Minute - $105
Decadent aromatherapy guides each luxurious step, including an uplifting exfoliation, deeply softening foot wrap and soothing massage.
California Manicure
45 Minute - $65
A fresh and refining soak, shape, exfoliation, and hydration using vegan, California coastal inspired ingredients.
California Pedicure
60 Minute -$85
A fresh and refining soak, shape, exfoliation, and hydration using vegan, California coastal inspired ingredients.
Express Manicure
30 Minute - $45
A timely nail trim, shape, and quick dry polish application.
Express Pedicure
45 Minute - $65
A timely nail trim, shape, and quick dry polish application.
Nail Service Enhancements
Gel Polish Upgrade
(add 15 minutes)
Gel Polish Removal
(add 20 minutes)
Extension or Gel Dip Removal
(add 40 minutes)
Paraffin for Hands or Feet
(add 15 minutes)
Extended Hand or Foot Massage
(add 15 minutes)
Gemstone + Collagen Mask
$30 I $60
Eyes or Lips I Full Face
Softening Callous Treatment
(add 15 minutes)

Body Treatments

Head to Toe Glow
120 Minute - $395
A softening full body exfoliation precedes a hydrating aromatic body souffle wrap. While cocooned in warm botanicals, enjoy a Hydrate + Regenerate facial for an all over glow.
Pair with: Lavender Bath Cure, Diamond Gemstone + Collagen Mask
Urban Green Coffee + Lime Detox
90 Minute - $315 I 120 Minute $420
An Agave fiber brushing and bamboo charcoal, coffee, and citrus exfoliation stimulate, purify and tone the body. While wrapped in green tea detoxifying mud, enjoy a pressure point foot treatment. Select 120 minutes to finish with a full body massage incorporating heated herbal packs and begin anew.
Pair with: Detox + Rebalance Facial, Eucalyptus Bath Cure, Black Pearl Gemstone + Collagen Mask
Renewing Body Scrubs
60 Minute - $195
Rich, multi layered exfoliation softens skin and brightens the complexion followed by a soothing, rich hydration. Perfect after an Aromatic Bath Cure or before any of our Massages or Facials.
Choose from: Sea Salt + Lavender or Rosemary + Eucalyptus

Just Chill Rituals

Bathing suit provided
Pendry Rose Ritual
90 Minute - $325 I 120 Minutes $430
Delicate petals, soft spices and sweet citrus nurture and renew the body while euphoric vanilla gives a new sense of wellbeing as they are layered throughout this rich body polish, luxurious milk + rose bath and decadent massage experience.
Pair with: Mini Facial, Rose Quartz Gemstone + Collagen Mask
Coastal Tide
90 Minute - $335 I 120 Minute - $450
Salt crystal exfoliation prepares the body for a sea foam and lavender wrap and hydrating foot massage. Soak into our claw foot bathtub during an aromatic scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Finish with a nourishing hydration or select 120 minutes for a luxurious massage.
Pair with: Hydrate + Regenerate Facial, Himalayan Salt Stones, Supercharged Seaweed Oil
Blissed Out
90 Minute - $315 I 120 Minute $420
A scalp and neck massage during a profoundly relaxing aromatic soak calms the mind before an infinity-stroke, warm oil massage. Select 120 minutes to include a hydrating weighted blanket body wrap and foot massage.
Pair with: CBD Therapy

Massage Therapy

Spa Garden Cabana Massage
60 Minute - $210 I 90 Minute - $315 I 120 Minute - $420
Enjoy a Pendry Massage al fresco in our new outdoor Spa Garden Cabana located on the semi-private Spa Breezeway. Feel as though you are floating on a cloud above the city as you enjoy the open air and soft sounds of a nearby waterfall.
Pair with: CBD Therapy, Supercharged Seaweed Oil, Warm Himalayan Salt Stones
Muscle Relief + Vibrational Massage
60 Minute - $225 I 90 Minutes - $335 I 120 Minute - $450
Pain is unraveled with a three-fold approach of therapeutic CBD, deep tissue massage and Hypervolt vibration therapy. Deeply restorative for those in need of relief and recovery.
Pair with: Aromatic Bath Cure, Warm Himalayan Salt Stones
Vagus Nerve Meditative Stone Massage
60 Minute - $210 I 90 Minutes - $315 I 120 Minute - $420
Activate the calming effects of the vagus nerve response and cranial wave techniques to regulate stress, rest and digestion. Rhythmic massage is enhanced with heated hand carved salt stones. 120 minutes includes a warm lavender body wrap and luxurious foot massage.
Pair with: CBD Therapy, Lavender Bath Cure, Aroma Scalp Neck + Shoulder Massage
Vital Recovery Massage
60 Minute - $210 I 90 Minutes - $315 I 120 Minute - $420
Agave fiber body brushing and refreshing oils help you reset and recover from indulging, traveling or touring. Uplift the senses and put a pep back in your step with this tailored massage.
Pair With: Eucalyptus Bath Cure, Gemstone + Collagen Eye or Face Mask
Pendry Massage
60 Minute - $195 I 90 Minutes - $290 I 120 Minute - $390
Know Thyself. A massage tailored to your preferred level of pressure, areas of focus and aroma selection.
Pair with: any Enhancements or Add On options to make it your very own
Prenatal Massage
60 Minute - $195 I 90 Minute - $290
A relaxing massage tailored for mothers-to-be, including specialized pillows and positioning. Available during 2nd and 3rd trimester only; full body massage not available during the 1st trimester.
Pair with: Hydrate + Regenerate Facial, Undaria Supercharged Seaweed Oil, Gemstone + Collagen Mask


CBD Therapy
relaxation + pain relief
Gemstone + Collagen Mask
$30 I $60
Eyes or Lips I Full Face
Undaria Supercharged Seaweed Oil
hydrate, firm + brighten
Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device
deep muscle relief + circulation boost
Warm Himalayan Salt Stones
relaxation + mineral boost

Add Ons

Aromatic Bath Cure + Scalp Massage
30 Minute - $115
Choose from Lavender, Eucalyptus or Milk + Roses
Bathing Suit provided
Mini Facial
30 Minute - $100 I 45 Minute - $150
Cleanse, Mask and Hydrate after a Massage or Body Treatment. Extractions not included.
Pair with: Facial Peel
Exfoliating Foot Massage
15 Minute - $50 I 30 Minute - $100
Pair with: any Facial or Massage
Aroma Scalp, Neck + Shoulder Massage
15 Minute - $50 I 30 Minute - $100
Pair with: any Facial, Body Treatment or Massage

Couple’s Suite

Couple's A La Carte
Select any of our Massage, Body Treatments or Facial Therapies to be enjoyed side by side in our spacious Couple's Suite
View our Add On and Enhancement sections to customize your day
Romantic Couple’s Retreat
90 Minute - $315 per person I 120 Minute - $420 per person
Toast to you while enjoying a rose foot bath ritual. Your couples massage is enhanced with candlelight and a rose infused massage oil. Select 120 minutes for an extended massage and take home gift.
Pair with: Mini Facial, CBD Therapy, Himalayan Salt Stones


Ocean Drift
60 Minute Lavender Bath Cure + Scalp Massage, 60 Minute Pendry Massage, 60 Minute Hydrate + Regenerate Facial, 30 Minute Aroma Neck + Shoulder Massage, 15 Minute Exfoliating Foot Massage, $50 Credit to Spa Pendry Boutique
Queen for the Day
60 Minute Sea Salt + Lavender Body Scrub, 30 Minute Milk + Roses Bath Cure & Scalp Massage, 60 Minute Meditative Stone Massage, 60 Minute Hydrate + Regenerate Facial, Gemstone + Collagen Mask, two glasses of bubbles, macaron flight, 15% off at the Spa Boutique
A Day Away
60 Minute Renewing Body Scrub, 60 Minute Hydrate + Regenerate Facial, 15 Minute Aroma Neck + Shoulder Massage, CBD Therapy, Cocktail from Fifth & Rose (after 3:00pm)
Spa Celebration Package
Priced per treatment per guest, minimum 5 guests
Reserved Garden Cabana on the Spa Breezeway, Spa Treatment of 60 minutes or more for each guest, Bottle of Champagne, Spa Gift for the guest of honor

Spa Facilities

Spa Pendry is open from 9:00am-7:00pm daily and features Men's and Women's Locker Rooms, a Relaxation Room and restorative California open-air garden spaces. Locker rooms include showers and dressing areas with signature Pendry amenities and a Eucalyptus Steam Room. The Relaxation Room features a Tea Bar curated with locally sourced ingredients and house-made snacks. Outdoor Spa Garden spaces include alcoves with living plant walls and a treatment cabana for al fresco massage near a trickling waterfall.
Monday-Thursday, non-hotel guests with spa services may additionally enjoy access to the hotel Fitness Center and Rooftop Pool, both adjacent to Spa Pendry. Pool House restaurant and bar is available for poolside lunch service and seated dining beginning at 11am daily. The Fitness Center features Technogym cardio equipment, Peloton bikes, a Smith machine, a Synergy 360 Machine, TRX system, free weights, kettle bells and more.
If you wish to utilize the the Spa facilities without a Spa appointment, Day Passes are available to hotel and day guests based on availability. Please inquire with Spa Reservations for details.

Spa Policies

On the day of your service, we suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. This will allow a leisurely check in and spa tour as well as time to change into a robe and promotes a restful state prior to beginning your service.
If you arrive late, you will receive the remainder of your treatment, as it will still end at the scheduled time so the next guest will not be delayed, however you will still be responsible for the full price of the scheduled service time and duration. Spa services are arranged specifically for you, so a minimum of a 24-hour notice is required should you need to reschedule or cancel your service for any reason. Any changes made less than 24 hours before the start time will result in a charge of 50% of the treatment price. No shows are charged at 100% of the treatment price.
Spa guests must be 16 years or older to enjoy spa services and facilities. No outside food or beverage items are permitted. Please notify us of any health considerations such as illness, pregnancy or allergies at time of booking so that we can best coordinate your spa experience.

A 20% service charge will be added to all services.