Exterior of Carbide & Carbon Building


If these walls could talk. Originally designed as a symbol of lavish celebration, Pendry Chicago is at home in the stunning and storied 1929 Carbide & Carbon building, a 37-story landmark structure located on Chicago’s famed Michigan Avenue.

Honoring an Icon

Originally designed by the Burnham Brothers (sons of renowned American architect Daniel Burnham) as the regional office of Union Carbide and Carbon Co., the Art Deco style building was a statement attesting to their resounding success as the developers of the first dry cell battery.

Revered for its unique shape, reminiscent of a vintage green champagne bottle reportedly symbolizing a response to the Prohibition era, the structure’s tower façade, made of dark green terracotta with gold leaf accents, was complemented by frosted glass fixtures, gold embellishments and a lobby made of Belgian marble, polished black granite and bronze trim perched on a prime stretch of Michigan Avenue.

Designated a Chicago Landmark in 1996, the Carbide & Carbon building became home to Pendry Chicago in 2021, ushering in an era of modern allure to the building’s storied history with all-new interiors and luxury amenities that commingle carefully with an appreciation for its Art Deco style and heritage.

The rest, as they say, will be (more) history.

Aerial View of Chicago Loop Buildings
Carbide & Carbon Building 1929 Historical Lobby Letter Box
Pendry Chicago Views
Pendry Chicago Historical Lobby Elevators
Carbide & Carbon Building Exterior View
Pendry Chicago Historical Lobby Bridge
Entrance to the Carbide Suite at Pendry Chicago
Aerial View of Downtown Chicago Buildings
Top of the Carbide & Carbon Building in Chicago

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