A bicycle with a basket full of flowers outside Pendry Natirar


At Pendry Natirar, we know that inspired travel goes far beyond a perfect guestroom. We invite you to soak up Somerset County and its stunning setting with activities, special events and customized outings that leave you in wonder and awe, season after splendid season.

Compass Sports

So much to see. Natirar is a wonderland of outdoor adventure and our friends at Compass Sports will guide you to the best of it all with on-site bike and gear rentals, guided tours and personalized experiences for the whole family that let you revel in the area’s unparalleled environment.

Aerial view of the farm at Pendry Natriar
Chairs on the Great Lawn at Pendry Natirar
The Village

At the center of it all, The Village brings together the very best of Pendry Natirar’s adventurous side with all-you-need activity planning, family-focused lounge areas and access to all-day kids’ club, rentals and more.

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