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Facial Services

*Add-On a Hydra Plus, Collagen or Perfect Glow Ampoule $60 each
60 Minutes $265
Bounce back. A dramatic and rejuvenating multi- step treatment that visibly improves elasticity, texture, tone and clarity. Awaken your skin with a combination of facial massage and Turmeric Enzyme Peel, that leaves you – and your skin - looking and feeling youthful and revitalized.
Option to adapt to a Multi-Layer and/or SuperCeutical Peel also available.
90 Minutes $382
Deep Nourishment. Restore your skin’s health and wellbeing with a nourishing and highly effective luxury service featuring a restorative facial massage, our unveiled Red-Light Therapy Mask, a customized peel with Multi- Layer acids, Turmeric or SuperCeutical Lactic Acid, and a brightening treatment. The ultimate awakening for a glowing, healthy complexion.
60/90 Minutes $295/$420
Glow getter. This naturally-derived cosmeceutical treatment by Babor brings a healthy, radiant glow to all skin types with a blend of pre and probiotics that balance and strengthen, age corrective Maple Bark Extract that stimulates collagen and elastin, and a boost of hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate.

Your Perfect Peel

For no additional cost, customize any facial with your choice of three unique peel options for a personalized treatment and finish.
Multi-Layer Peel
This peel uses LCA Complex Lactic Acid + Vitamins C, E, A and Pro-Vitamin A + Salicylic Acid to exfoliate, refine pores and renew the skin’s surface while combatting breakouts, in-grown hairs and build up. Formulated for all skin types with no down time, this is a mild but effective beginner peel.
Turmeric NatureCeutical Peel
This peel is rich with enzymes from pumpkin, papaya and pineapple, all enhanced with natural Salicylic Acids and an infusion of Triple Turmeric Complex. Revives and restores skin for a glowing, hydrating finish, reducing build up, comedones, blackheads and acne along the way. An active but gentle peel rooted in natural elements.

Facial Enhancements

An additional cost applies for these enhancements.
Unveiled Red-Light Therapy
A flexible red light phototherapy mask that wraps comfortably around the face. Two different wave lengths of light stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce redness, and improve blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.
Rejuvenating Neck & Décolletage Treatment
The perfect addition to any facial to renew and refine your neck and décolletage. Using our Multi-Layer Peel or SuperCeutical Peel. Exfoliate and renew the skins’ surface. Brighten, hydrate, Reveal.
Rejuvenating Hand & Arm Treatment
An exfoliating Peel & Scrub with Lactic Acid plus Vitamins C, E, A + ProVit A. Microspheres gently yet effectively remove the dead cell layer. Followed by a corrective treatment of Hand & Body Replenisher, your skin is renewed and restored.
NuFace Microcurrent Facial Enhancement
Proprietary microcurrent technology uplifts the neck and face for a sculpted, toned, and contoured complexion that reverses the signs of aging, screen time and the environment.

Glow Enhancements

An additional cost applies for these enhancements.
Hydra Plus Ampoule
A concentrated moisturizing skincare boost for parched skin that deeply hydrates for a refreshed and visibly revitalized complexion.
Perfect Glow Ampoule
An intensive moisture treatment that evens out skin tone and leaves complexion feeling luminous, smooth, and radiant.
Collagen Concentrate Ampoule
Supports skin’s natural collagen production with a concentrated dose that smooths and plumps the complexion for a firm, tightened finish.

Body Treatments

Pendry Signature Body Polish
60 Minutes $300
Come to your senses. A rhythmic full body polish ritual incorporates your choice of aroma-therapeutic accompaniment for a decadent and restorative, skin renewing experience. Choose from one of four natural fragrances composed of the finest essential oils for an immersive, customized signature scrub: Illuminating Jasmine, Uplifting Eucalyptus, Relaxing Lavender or Balancing Rose Geranium.
Clarity Body Wrap
90 Minutes $425
Deep breaths. An uplifting full body treatment that incorporates herbaceous aromatherapy with a foundation of eucalyptus, rosemary, sweet marjoram, peppermint and lemon into a detoxifying clay body wrap topped off with a luxurious chilled eye compress and relaxing scalp massage. Finish with a calming and restorative massage with our feather-light soufflé cream for a new sense of balance and beauty.
Earth Experience
60/90 Minutes $300/$425
Surround yourself with subtle scents of orange, mimosa, and almond musk and feel at one with the Earth. Indulge in this treatment that combines natural seeds and dry brushing to refine and smooth texture. A shaping cocoon wrap with a Lifting Body Cream that has Active Stem Cell Complex and Yellow Poppy to repair and improve skin firmness. Finished with nourishing oils and massage, the body will appear firmer and smoother.
Ocean Experience
60/90 Minutes $300/$425
Enjoy revitalizing and fresh scents of apple, lemon, lavendar, spearmint, and lily of the valley to submerge yourself in a feeling of an ocean wave. The treatment starts with velvety foams and dry brushing that offer subtle and tactile exfoliation. Followed by an algae wrap that hydrates and detoxifies the body. Finished with nourishing oils and massage the refreshing textures with red algae extracts provide a boost of energy and moisture for resilient new you.

Massage Therapy

The Signature
60/90/120 Minutes $240/$345/$460
A custom massage experience tailored to your personal preferences and needs. Choose your preferred level of pressure, areas of focus and accompanying aroma selection and let us handle the rest. Also available as a couple’s treatment.
Relaxing Stone Ritual
60/90/120 Minutes $295/$415/$545
Hot stones work beautifully in tandem with our Body Soufflés containing whipped shea butter, coconut oil and rosehip CO2 that melt onto your skin under the hot pebbles, unleashing a heavenly cloud of pure essential oil fragrance. Your therapist will delight in rhythmical dance around your body, with the added depth of hot pebbles worked into tense, tired muscles, alleviating your stresses and strains and releasing a powerful surge of rebalance and healing.
Muscle Relief + Vibration Therapy
60/90/120 Minutes $295/$415/$545
Pain is unraveled with a three-fold approach of therapeutic CBD, deep tissue massage and a vibration therapy device. Deeply restorative for those in need of relief and recovery.
Plus One
60/90/120 Minutes $240/$345/$460
A personalized pre-natal massage that lets mom soak up some restorative me time before baby arrives. Skilled specialists use relaxing, luxurious massage techniques to soothe aching muscles, awaken the body’s senses and leave you with a sense of calm and true relaxation.

Sunset Chill & Relax

Unveiled Red-Light Therapy
A flexible red light phototherapy mask that wraps comfortably around the face. Two different wave lengths of light stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce redness, and improve blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.
Compression Boots
Advanced pneumatic compression system. Book Compression Boots with IV drips, Red Light Therapy or Gemstone Masks together as a great enhancement

Nail Services

Spa Pendry Manicure
45 Minutes $77
Spa Pendry Pedicure
60 Minutes $95
Polish Change Hands/Feet
25 Minutes $30

Nail Service Enhancements

An additional cost applies for these enhancements.
Priori Transforming Manicure or Pedicure
An indulgent transformation peel- microderm scrub for the hands and feet. Refines the texture, brightens and smooth’s imperfections. Lactic and Vitamins C, A, E work on eliminating sun damage and increase hydration.
Lola's Apothecary Maincure
A fragrant escape inspires clarity & focus while polishing away the old. A decadent service completed with antioxidant delight.
Lola's Apothecary Pedicure
Intensely nourishing milk bath followed by whipped Shea Butter, Camellia Oil & nourishing Rosehip CO2 Extract with potent Vitamin E.
Warm Stone Massage
Warm, hand-carved salt stones relieve stress and bring you back into balance.
Paraffin Wax
A natural luxurious emollient, helping make skin supple and soft continuing to boost the moisture levels after the treatment is complete.

Hair Removal

15 Minutes $30
15 Minutes $60
15 Minutes $30